Dinner Entrees

Served with a cup of soup or house salad.

A bowl of soup may be substituted for $2.60 extra. A Greek, Village, or Tabouli salad may be substituted for $2.50 extra.

Asterisked entrees (*) come with a choice of side order.

 Traditional Favorites 
*Mousaka ~ Ground beef layered in eggplant and potatoes; baked under béchamel sauce 14.25
*Pastitsio~ Ground beef layered in ziti pasta; baked under béchamel sauce 14.25
*Tyropita ~ Feta and kasseri cheeses with a hint of mint baked in phyllo pastry 14.25
Koupepia ~ (Cyprus Dolmathes) Grape leaves stuffed with ground beef, lamb, rice and herbs. Served over country pilaf. Topped with lemon sauce 14.35
Sikotaki~ Chicken livers sautéed with onions, mushrooms, peppers and red wine. Served over country pilaf 16.45
Gyros ~ Slices of the rotisserie favorite with Tzatziki and fries 14.25
Gyros Salad ~ Hot strips of gyros over Greek Salad 14.25
Greek Hash ~ Gyros, potatoes and vegetables sautéed with feta, oregano and white wine 14.45


*Spanakopita ~ Spinach, feta cheese, dill and scallions baked in phyllo pastry 13.95
Dolmathes~ Chilled grape leaves stuffed with herbed rice, parsley and scallions. Dressed with lemon and olive oil. Served with feta, tomatoes, cucumbers and olives 13.95
Falafel ~ Fried croquettes of ground, herbed garbanzos. Served with Tahini on the side 12.65
Veggie Hash ~ Vegetables and potatoes sautéed with feta, oregano and white wine 14.45
*Vegetarian Mousaka ~ Eggplant, mushrooms, onions, peppers and tomatoes sautéed lightly in olive oil with herbs, then baked under a béchamel topping 14.25
*Vegitarian Sampler ~ Any two of: Spanakopita, Dolmathes, Falafel, Vegetarian Mousaka 15.25


 Sampler Plates 
The Iliad ~ (recommended for two; served with house salad or cup of soup for each) Spanakopita, Mousaka, Koupepia, Gyros and Loukaniko with country pilaf, oven-roasted potatoes and Tzatziki 32.95
Diafora ~ Pastitsio, Mousaka and Spanakopita OR Tyropita 16.95
Syndiasmos ~ Loukaniko, Koupepia and Spanakopita OR Tyropita 14.25
Symposium ~ Spanakopita, Koupepia and Mousaka OR Pastitsio 16.45
Combination ~ Gyros and Souvlaki with Tzatziki and fries 15.45
Mezes ~ Manitaria, Loukaniko and Gyros with pilaf and oven-roasted potatoes 18.25


Shish Ke Bab~ Leg of lamb pieces, marinated, skewered with vegetables and broiled. Served over country pilaf 18.65
Tavas ~ Boneless pieces of lamb shoulder with onions, tomatoes and potatoes
oven-baked with red wine, herbs. Topped with melted feta cheese
*Two Lamb Chops~ Two 5 oz. loin chops marinated with lemon, garlic and oregano; broiled. (Mpls only) 26.95
*Three Lamb Chops~ Three 5 oz. loin chops marinated with lemon, garlic and oregano; broiled. 35.50
Lamb Shank ~ Baked tender in caramelized onion-dill sauce. Served with country pilaf 23.95


*Oregano Chicken ~ (40 min.) One half chicken, marinated in lemon, olive oil, garlic; broiled 17.65
Kotopoulo ~ One half chicken roasted with sauce of mushrooms, scallions and wine. Served with oven-roasted potatoes 17.65
Chicken Ke Bab~ Skinless breast, marinated, skewered with vegetables, broiled with lemon, garlic, oregano. Served over country pilaf 16.95
Chicken Salad ~ Slices of marinated, broiled breast over Greek Salad 14.65


Shrimp Myconos ~ Sautéed with vegetables, feta cheese, white wine. Served with pilaf 17.55
*Calamari ~ Breaded, fried, served with aioli sauce and lemon 15.35
Crab Cake Salad ~ Fried crab cakes with honey-mustard dressing; over mixed greens 14.25


Souvlaki ~ Skewered pieces of pork tenderloin, marinated and broiled, served over pita with tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, Tzatziki and fries 15.65
Pork Chops Piperato ~ Two zesty six-ouncers coated with ground peppers, sautéed in an iron skillet. Served with oven-roasted potatoes. 15.65