The New Wine List at Christos

For a while now, we’ve noticed a shift in our customers’ wine preferences. They have grown weary of big, tannic (and pricey) Napa Cabs, heavily oaked, buttery Sonoma Chards and impossibly jammy red blends. Instead, they’ve shown an interest in organically, sustainably grown international varietals made by passionate producers at smaller wineries.

In response to this welcome trend, we’ve overhauled our wine list. You’ll find spicy Garnacha from Spain, delicious Torrontes from Argentina, fruit-forward Carmenere from Chile and a delicately fruity red blend from the Tejo region of Portugal. We’re particulary excited about the new wines we’ve been able to bring in from Greece. Xinomavro from Naoussa, Liatiko from Crete, Xynisteri from our island of Cyprus and more.

Complete Wine List | Featured Wine List

We hope you’ll enjoy the new selections. Please do not hesitate to ask for a taste to help you decide. And do share your thoughts with us