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Driving Instructions to Minnetonka

Following the completion of major road construction in the summer and fall of 2009, access to our Minnetonka restaurant is now very easy. The restaurant is located about one mile west of I 494 on Highway 7. We are located on the frontage road running along the north side of Hwy 7 west of Williston Rd.

The restaurant can only be approached from the westbound lanes of Hwy 7.

  • Traveling west on Hwy 7 from I 494, stay in the right lane as you cross Williston Rd. You will pass several businesses lined up along the frontage road on your right. Christos is the last building along that strip. When you see the Christos sign, enter the exit lane (indicated by right turn pavement arrows). You are now on the frontage road right in front of our restaurant.
  • Traveling east on Hwy 7, you must pass Christos on your left hand side, make a “U” turn at Williston Rd., and follow the directions from westbound Hwy 7.
  • At night, you can locate Christos by its bright white and blue tree lights.