Wood Fired Pizzas

Christos Hand Made Pizza
Christos Wood Fired Pizza Oven
Margherita 9.45
Mozzerella, Roma tomatos, garlic, fresh basil. A classic. 
Mediterranean 10.95
Feta, sun-dried tomatoes, artichoke hearts,
Kalamata olives, fresh oregano
Brie & Asparagus 8.95
With a butter-shallor-white wine sauce. Delectable.
Spanakopizza 8.95
White pizza with spinach and feta.
Oregano Chicken Breast 9.45
Olive oil. mushrooms. onions.
Gyros 9.30
Cheese pizza with delicious Gyros from
our rotisserie. plus onions and tomatoes.
Loukaniko 9.20
Cheese pizza topped with slices of broiled
Greek pork sausage. onion and tomatoes.
Cheese 6.35
Build Your Own Pizza 6.35
Add toppings from the list below.
Roasted Red Pepper 1.25
Sundried Tomatoes 1.25
Goat Cheese 1.35 
Feta Cheese 1.25
Kalamata Olives .90 
Spicy Shrimp 2.50  
Salonika Peppers .90 
Capers 1.25 
Artichoke Hearts 1.35
Roasted Garlic 1.35 
Onion .80
Mushroom .80 
Gyros 1.35
Loukaniko 1.25 
Pepperoni 1.65