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Christos Minnetonka Happy Hour

Monday – Friday 4 – 6 PM
Sunday 11am-9pm
Buy A Drink* and get a Half-Priced Appetizer

* Soft Drinks Do Not Apply

$4.50 SALMON CREEK® House Wines
$1 Off Tap Beers

Stella Artois Odell IPA
Surly Bender Mich Golden Light
Summit EPA Alaskan Amber


$1 Off All Liquor & Cocktails
Gyros Tyropita
Hummus Koupepia
Melintzanosalata Calamari
Crab Cakes Feta Cheese
Spanakopita Oregano Wings


Happy Hour at Christos
Happy Hour at Christos Happy Hour at Christos

Christos Minnetonka Bar

Christos Minnetonka Bar

hh_martini hh_cosmo

Happy Hour Chicken Wings Appetizer at Christos

Oregano Wings

Calamari Appetizer

Calamari Appetizer